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6.1 Lightening

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How to view XfilesPro on Lightning?

Once an external storage is configured on an object, please open the object.

Let’s say we configured an external storage on Account object.

We have an account created – Burlington Poly Industries.

We can see in the below screen that it’s just a regular lightning screen.

Let’s click on Edit Page which will take us to App Builder screen.


Scroll to the bottom-left corner where we can see XfilesPro components under Custom – Managed

Drag and drop component: XfilesUpload on any part of the page layout. Since this is a lightning component, we can drag and drop them anywhere on the page.

If you want to see all the files listed at one point, drag and drop component: XfileList which will show you all the files at one point.

Click on SAVE and then click on ACTIVATION.

When you click on ACTIVATION, it will prompt you to make these layout changes default to org. You can choose an appropriate option as per your org needs.

Click BACK. It will take you back to Account object. Your screen will appear like the below –          


You can now upload files by clicking on UPLOAD FILES or you can also drag and drop files.

Let us upload some files and see how the upload works.

We can see a progress bar while uploading files which indicates that the files are getting uploaded.

Once all of them are uploaded, it will show a checkmark and the DONE button will highlight. Let’s click on DONE


You can now see the uploaded files under Attachments section.



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