Frequently Asked Questions

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Does XfilesPro support Folder Structure?

Yes. XfilesPro support Customized Folder Structure.

Is it possible to integrate XfilesPro with form builder apps such as FormAssembly or Form Stack?

Yes it is possible to integrate XfilesPro with FormAssembly. But it has certain limitation of uploading files. You can upload files upto 20MB only.

Does Salesforce Global Search return results from configured Google Drive folders?

No, the Salesforce Global Search doesn’t return results from configured Google Drive folders as its an external storage and global search works for Salesforce ecosystem only.

Does XfilesPro have the ability to create file structure as per record?

Yes, it has a template feature that serves the purpose of creating a file/folder structure per record.

Does XFilesPro support WebDav?

No, XfilesPro currently doesn’t support WebDav as external storage.

Does XfilesPro work with Salesforce Professional Edition?

No, XfilesPro doesn’t support Professional Edition due to Salesforce edition restrictions. It supports Developer, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance and Force.com editions.

Will XfilesPro allow us to display remote files in a lightning component, securely. Will this work for that ?

Yes, it offers you a Bi-directional component as well, which serves the purpose of securely displaying remote(external storage) files.

Can we display CreatedBy field on XFilesPro component ?

Yes, CreatedBy field can be added as a list view column on XfilesPro component. It is not a default setup, it is a part of additional customization.

Based on the file uploading user the Owner Name will be rendered on XFilesPro component ?

Yes, based on the file uploading user the Owner Name will be rendered on the XFilesPro component.

Can you import from an external drive (e.g., Google Drive)?

Yes, XfilesPro does have this out of the box feature to import files from external storage. Files can be seamlessly imported from external storage.

Is there a way to prevent files being uploaded to the attachment object inside a community? We would like to use external storage solely.

Yes, there are two ways to accomplish this. One is to use the XfilesPro component to upload manually and the other is to automate it using a trigger.

We have an existing folder in our external storage which has some files in it. We want our new files uploaded in SF to get saved in that existing folder. Will XfilesPro support this?

Yes, it is possible. Our Map Folder feature allows you to map existing folders to your records. You can then save all your files in the existing folder.

Is Xfilespro completely native within Salesforce?

No, it is not completely native within Salesforce. It is an external file storage and collaboration solution which allows you to store Salesforce files/attachments in your preferred external storage systems (Cloud or On-premise) in order to reduce additional file storage costs. Currently, XfilesPro supports various Cloud storage systems like AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. and On-premise storage systems like FTP, Windows shared drive (SMB) and FILE share.

Have you supported Non-Profit clients in the past? Do you offer discount to Non-Profits?

Yes we have multiple non-profits across the world using XfilesPro and Yes we offer discounts to non-profits.

Does XfilesPro support Enterprise, Professional Org?

Yes, XfilesPro does support both Enterprise and Professional Org.

Is the pricing for premium package includes the storage cost of the external storage system also?

No, the XfilesPro’s pricing doesn’t include any external storage provider’s cost.

Do you offer a free trial ?

Yes, we offer 30 days free trial for XfilesPro.

Can we choose which objects we want XfilesPro to be configured with ?

Yes, you can. XfilesPro allows you to select your desired objects and files to store them in the space you have opted to buy from us. We agile the best services to our clients, and give them a choice to choose any object to be configured with XfilesPro.

Can I share my files with anyone outside Salesforce ?

Yes, it is possible and this aspect is one of the unique features you get in XfilesPro. It offers you an option to share any of your files with anyone within Salesforce and even outside Salesforce. All you have to get is their email address, and the file will be shared as a URL.

Can I have different external storage configured to the same org ?

Yes, you can. It is possible to have some external storage facility configured within the same org. XfilesPro will help you achieve the same in the most authentic manner. The addition of flash memory will accommodate you with some more storage area.

Can I attach a single file to multiple records within Salesforce without having to upload it multiple times ?

Yes, you can always attach a single file to multiple records. XfilesPro is designed in a way to make your Salesforce features easy and sorted. Accordingly, we allow you to attach any single file to multiple records within Salesforce without having to upload it multiple times. In this manner, your load is reduced and space is saved to a vast extent.

Where do you delete Storage setup entries when these are no longer required ?

You can delete the entries which are no longer required using custom object Cloud Storage Provider. Create a custom tab for this object and add it to the XfilesPro application. Inside the tab you should see all the existing records.

Is XFilesPro only for admins ?

No, it’s not only specific to admins. It is for other Salesforce users and Salesforce Community users as well.

We want to store our email attachments and email to case attachments in external storage ? Will XfilesPro support this ?

Yes, it does support storing the email-attachments and email-to-case attachments in external storage systems.

Can I use Google Drive as an external storage?

Yes. XfilesPro seamlessly supports Google Drive as well as Team Drive as external storage systems.

Can we use SharePoint as our external storage?

XfilesPro currently supports OneDrive directly and we are planning to support Sharepoint in the upcoming release at the end of January 2020.

Can we have non-cloud storage providers configured?

Yes, XfilesPro offers an option to store your Salesforce files and attachments in a non-cloud (on-premise storage) system. Currently, it supports three local storage providers, SFTP, SMB and File Storage.

How secure is the solution?

XfilesPro is a secure solution. The file transfer process is highly secured.

How to upgrade the application?

Every time we upgrade the application, you will get an email notification. If you want to upgrade your version, you can get in touch with our support team. They can help you upgrade your application.

Can you customize the application based on a specific requirement?

XfilesPro is highly customizable to meet specific business needs. 

Can I manage the files stored in remote storage directly from my Salesforce UI?

Yes, you can. XfilesPro’s Bidirectional Sync feature enables users to manage their files stored in the remote storage directly from their Salesforce UI.

Will it impact the user-experience once the files are stored externally?

No. There won’t be any changes in user-experience. 

Does this application support community users?

Yes. We even offer special discounts to community users. 

Can I use XfilesPro from the Salesforce1 mobile?

Yes, you can. XfilesPro supports Salesforce1.

Does it support Lightning?

Yes. XfilesPro supports Lightning.

Will you support the initial file migration to the external system?

Yes, we will. XfilesPro offers file import/import utility feature which will help you transfer all your files to your external storage system.

Is the external file storage process automatic or any manual efforts are required?

Yes. Once implemented, the process becomes automatic. All your files will be automatically stored in your external storage system.

Do you have a file size limit?

No. There are no limitations on file size or volume. 

Can I store my Salesforce files in an On-premise storage system?

Yes, you can. We support FTP, SMB Windows Share, FILE.  

What external storage systems does XfilesPro support?

Currently, XfilesPro supports a wide range of Cloud (AWS, GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and On-premise (FTP, SMB Windows Share, FILE) storage systems. 

Is XfilesPro a storage provider?

No. XfilesPro is not a storage provider. We don’t keep your files. The solution works as a connector in between your Salesforce system & the external storage system. 

What is XfilesPro?

XfilesPro is an external file storage and collaboration solution for Salesforce that allows users to store their files & attachments in any external Cloud (AWS, GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) or On-premise (FTP, SMB Windows Share, FILE) storage system with seamless integration & collaboration.