Does XfilesPro support Folder Structure?

Yes. XfilesPro support Customized Folder Structure.

Will XfilesPro allow us to display remote files in a lightning component, securely. Will this work for that ?

Yes, it offers you a Bi-directional component as well, which serves the purpose of securely displaying remote(external storage) files.

Can you import from an external drive (e.g., Google Drive)?

Yes, XfilesPro does have this out of the box feature to import files from external storage. Files can be seamlessly imported from external storage.

We have an existing folder in our external storage which has some files in it. We want our new files uploaded in SF to get saved in that existing folder. Will XfilesPro support this?

Yes, it is possible. Our Map Folder feature allows you to map existing folders to your records. You can then save all your files in the existing folder.

Can I share my files with anyone outside Salesforce ?

Yes, it is possible and this aspect is one of the unique features you get in XfilesPro. It offers you an option to share any of your files with anyone within Salesforce and even outside Salesforce. All you have to get is their email address, and the file will be shared as a URL.

Can I have different external storage configured to the same org ?

Yes, you can. It is possible to have some external storage facility configured within the same org. XfilesPro will help you achieve the same in the most authentic manner. The addition of flash memory will accommodate you with some more storage area.

Can I manage the files stored in remote storage directly from my Salesforce UI?

Yes, you can. XfilesPro’s Bidirectional Sync feature enables users to manage their files stored in the remote storage directly from their Salesforce UI.

Does it support Lightning?

Yes. XfilesPro supports Lightning.